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William was a native of Bath county, Virginia. When he moved to Mason County in 1832, Mason was part of the state of Virginia. It wasn't until 1863 when WestVirginia was carved out of Virginia that Mason County became part of West Virginia. Due to this, Mason County has never been referred to in Virginia history.
He moved to Allegheny county in 1843, where he located on a farm of 140 acres in Clendenin District. There he lived until his death at the age of 82. He enlisted in the war of 1812, but peace was declared before he had a chance to reach the scene of hostilities. By occupation he was a farmer all his life.
William (1782 - 1864) and Jane Edgar (1780 - 1866) were married & became parents to 10 children.

The first 2 were girls, Martha A. (about 1806) and Mary Jane (about 1808). One of these ladies married a man by the last name of Turley & had a son Beniah H. (Dick) Turley. Beniah H. was reared by his grandparents, William & Jane McCallister.

Thomas (about 1811), whom nothing can be found about. (See brother, Samuel, below.)

Harrison (November 22, 1813 - July 8, 1883) married Rachel George (October 3, 1818 - Feb 26, 1904) on May 6, 1865. To read about them & their descendants, click here to go Harrison's page.

John Calvin (Major) 's (April 1, 1816 - February 26, 1903) page can be seen by clicking on "Major" John Calvin's family tree .

William T. (1817 - September 28, 1877) married Eveline McCoy (July 1825 - July 22, 1898) and had 'a whole passel of children'. William & Eveline lived on Guyan Creek and are buried in the Jessie Hannan Cemetery there. Their children and grandchildren lived in Green Buttom, Glenwood, and Apple Grove, WV. Some of the family migrated to Bucyrus, Sulphur Springs & Galion Ohio. One g g grategrandson lives at Henderson, WV. now. (This is Don) another lives at Gallipolis Ferry (Roger). Dee McCallister Hacbrecht is a sister of Roger. They(who?Roger & Dee?) are also cousins of Don and Sharon McCallister. Both Charles (Chuck) and Mary Ann McCallister live at YellowSprings, Ohio.

Andrew David (1823 - 1905) married Elizabeth (Betty) Stevens Duncan. For a more detailed synopsis, click here to go Andrew David's page.

Beniah (Ben) (1826 - deceased) was crippled. He had been born with leg problems. He married Harriett F. Rurley (1828 - 1896) & they reared several children. One of their sons was named George. Although George McAlister's (1861 - 1936) last name is spelled differently, he is a direct descendant of William & Jane Edgar McCallister.
WHAT WAS Harriett F. Rurley's MIDDLE NAME? (Have a picture of George?)

Samuel (1830 - deceased) was another son. Just by family stories passed through generations, it is believed that he & Thomas got into some trouble & had to leave the area & never come back, somehow due to the Civil War.

Amanda E. (March 25, 1833 - 1895) married John Paulin (June 24, 1836 - 1920), who was French. They were married on September 17, 1860 in Millstone, WV. They had 1 son, who died young, and 3 daughters : Mary Virginia 'Jenny' (1862 - 1950), James Rufus (1864 - 1868), Orpha Elizabeth 'Lizzie' (1868 - 1963), & Lillie Mae (1874 - 1963). Jenny married Andrew J. Whitt (1851 - 1910), Lizzie married Fred J. Kerns (1848 - 1912) & Lillie married Samuel H. McNeil.
Lillie & Samuel had a son, John McNeil (1??? - deceased). On April 26, 1845 William and Jane Edgar McCallister sold their home place, listed as 100 acres on the head waters of Ohio 16 Mile Creek to John "Major" and William T. McCallister, Jr. On November 26, 1927, S.H. McNeill and wife Lillie Mae paid the delinquent taxes, which had been due since 1923.
Amanda and John Pauline's home was in Mason County which was on the Pliny mail route. This route served both Putnam and Mason Counties. They are both recorded as having died at Pliny, in Putnam Co. Although most people of that time died at home, it could be that they passed away either when at their home on the Mason County side or while staying with some of their children in Putnam Co. Amanda was born in Cabell County WV, died in Pliny, Putnam County, WV, & buried in Mason County, Clendenin Dist., Mt.Union Cemetery. John was born in Romania, France, died in Pliny, Putnam County, WV, and buried League Cem, Mason County, WV.
Some of her great-great-grandchildren were at the McCallister reunion in year 2000.

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