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This site is for the family tree of Print Walter McCallister.
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This is the page for Print Walter McCallister (February 25, 1911 - August 14, 1985).
(He was always Uncle Pete to me :-))

Parents of Print Walter The grandfather of Print Walter was Andrew David (1823 - 1905) the seventh child of William and Jane. Andrew David McCallister married Elizabeth Duncan (1834 - 1913) and they had eight children, the 7th of which was Calvin Albert (1868 - 1934). In 1908 Calvin Albert, a twiced widowed farmer, having fathered 7 children 3 of whom had passed away by 1905, married Ida Ellen Dailey (1883 - 1970), of Crown City, Ohio.
They had eight children: Oscar Carlton (1909 - 2000); Print Walter (1911 - 1985); Margaret Marie (19__ - ____); William Worthy (1914 - 1990); Mae Kathryn (1917 - 1994); Woodrow Melvin (1919 - 2000); Pansy Pearl (1921 - 2000); Frederick David (19__ - ____).

Print Walter at age 1 Print Walter as a child Here is Pete in the left picture at the age of 1. The right picture was taken years later and shows Pete from a photo taken on their backporch with many of his brothers & sisters.
Of those not in the picture, some had already 'flown the coop' & afew were yet to be born. Pete grew up as a 3rd child. His brothers Red & Ock were already playmates, so Pete had to fight his way into the gang. Red, Ock, & Pete all had their schooling in the Old Buckle School in Shanktown, Mason County and at the Scary School on Teays Valley Road, Putnam County. They didn't go to school much because their dad needed them to help him with farming.
His birth name was Walter Print, but in later years when he started working in 1935 at the South Charleston Plant of Union Carbide Carbon & Chemicals Company they got his name backwards, so he just changed it to match what Carbide had done and it stayed that way till his death.
Print in autumn of a late 1950s year Print in 'uniform', except when in dress clothes to church Mary Violet Terry Mccallister Having saved some money from work, Pete bought a 4 door sedan in 1937. Then he asked the girl next door to go for a ride. Print Walter McCallister and Mary Violet Terry (19__ - ) were married July 25th, 1938 in Catlettsburg, Kentucky by the Justice of the Peace Dee Bolt. They had two daughters followed by two sons.
Carol Lea McCallister (2/7/19__ - ), Connie Lou McCallister (10/13/19__ - ), Thomas Eugene McCallister (12/16/19__ - ), & Terry Edwin McCallister (11/24/1951 - ).
All 4 were born & grew up in West Virginia. At this time, they have 3 descendants to carry on the McCallister name.
 Carol Sanford Carol & Lloyd Sanford Carol married Lloyd Grant Sanford (1934 - 1992) on 2/20/70 by the Reverand Herb Capehart in the now new Judson Baptist Church on Bills Creek Road out in the country near Winfield, West Virginia. They had no children. She lives in Scott Depot, WVa.
James,Sr, Connie & James Straughan,Jr Connie and James Arthur Straughan, Sr (1938 - March 17, 2003) were married 11/16/62 by the Reverand Mickey Wick in the old Judson Baptist Church on Bills Creek Road just next to where the old church was. Currently she resides in Wilmington, North Carolina.
They have one son, James (Jimmy) Arthur Straughan, Jr (3/5/19__ - ).
Tom & Carol picture Thomas Eugene, Sr married Carolyn Yvonne Cyrus (19__ - ) on 10/22/65. They had two children, Mary Deanna 'Dee' (February 28, 19__ - ) and Thomas Eugene McCallister, Jr (November 4, 19__ - ).
From their kids they are GrandParents to 2 GrandSons and a GrandDaughter.
Scotty, Dee's son This picture is of Mary Deanna (Dee) McCallister's son, Jarred Scott (Scottie) McCallister (May 7, 19__).
He loves music and is in the marching band, concert band, & jazz band. He plays drums, trombone, cymbal, & tremble blocks.
Dee & Scott Rose Here are Mary Deanna (Dee) and her husband Scott Rose (19__) who were married in 1997.
Picture of Tom, Jr & Sherry Picture of Tom, Jr & Sherry This shows Thomas Eugene McCallister, Jr & Sherry Leann Hammicks who were married at Judson Baptist Church by Gail Medley on 5/21/94.
Tom, Jrs son, Tanner Both kids of Tom,Jr - Tanner & Tory Tom, Jr & Sherry's first child was a son named Tanner Wyatt on 7/25/19__ and their second was a little girl named Tory Layne on 5/19/19__.
Terry & Bonnie, just after getting married This is Terry Edwin McCallister & Bonnie Lou Noel (1950 - ) who became married on 7/24/80 at the home of her mother and stepfather, Bettie and James Dillon, on Strawberry Road, Saint Albans, West Virginia, by the Reverand Ken Carter.
Terry lives in St.Albans, WVa. His hobby is woodworking. He also is good on the computer.
Their son, Ryan Edwin McCallister, was born on 8/28/19__ in CAMC Charleston, West Virginia.
Picture of Ryan Edwin Here is our teenager Ryan Edwin.
He's not a genealogy freak, yet!
Picture of Ryan's pup Endo This is Endo, Ryan's pup :-)
Ryan works at an animal hospital. Someone left his pup named Endo there while he went out of town and he never came back to get him. When they were going to put the pup down, Ryan got attached to him. One night Ryan surprised Terry & brought Endo home. Now Terry is attached to Endo also!

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